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  1. Great! I just sent an IM to my partner to say, ‘Let’s do all of this from now on’. We’ve been doing bits and pieces without actually understanding the whole picture. I particularly like the ‘what’s it cost’ part. We’ll try it out and post some feedback.}

  2. Fantastic!

    This is why more technical entrepreneurs need to spend time with sales people.

    One learns that even a killer product needs a market to profit.}

  3. its also always good to know what type of customer you are talking too… for example, if you are talking to an early adopter or someone who is averse to new things… as an example:
    I knew friends who were absolutely adamant when it came to their stance that facebook was completely useless and they would never join it when I first told them about it… after a couple of months, though, when everyone was on facebook, they eventually joined and became very active users…
    my point is, get to know the personality of the customer you are talking to so you can better understand his/her feedback…}

  4. Great post and right on the money.

    Another interesting question to add to your line up is – “In your words, how would you describe our product?”.

    It’s often very insightful to hear how your customers sum up your product in their own terms.}

  5. Wonderful post.
    What I did in my start-up is first build a POC, with good enough UI to be able to show it, but only the most basic feature set, and put it online (though password-protected until launch).
    Next, I started showing it to potential customers, examining their reactions, and improving the look-and-feel and the pitch (but not the feature set of the demo, which would take far more time).
    Last month, after a few such customers showed disappointment when told that no, they couldn’t get their hands on it right away (one even asking if she can invest), I knew we had nailed it.
    Now we’re working to complete the product and plan to launch in a couple of months.}

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