39 thoughts on “Time to Say Good-bye, and Thanks”

  1. I should have such problems… But, seriously, Om – you are a model of graciousness and tact. Attributes many of us overlook. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I sense this post his heavier than usual on the diplomacy, Om.

    You write glowingly: “And Federated Media has become more than just a studio for technology bloggers, but a leader in the conversational marketing movement.”

    I gather that makes Federated Media rather important. But for the rest of us who don’t actually understand the above sentence, would you mind explaining in plain English what Federated Media actually does? Surely, it has little to do with the “conversational marketing movement” (whatever that is).

  3. @Andrew Goodman,

    I think it is not diplomacy but thanks to an organization which has helped us build a big portion of our business. It is called appreciation for their efforts. Conversational marketing is their way of describing specialized marketing and advertising campaigns around social media sites including blogs and services like Digg. You can find more details on their website. FM, is an advertising network and a publishing services provider.

  4. Congratulations Om. Your blog network is emblematic of the influence shift from tech trade magazines to blogs, and now IDG is repping you — seems appropriate somehow.


  5. Um Sarah, sorry you felt the need to anonymously backstab me, or whatever that was.

    Om, diplomacy, thanks, you say tomahto, I say tomato. In case my point wasn’t clear enough — but I’m sure it is, to you, since you’ve written about things like ad networks for a long time — the economic role played by ad networks or rep firms is murky enough without folks taking what is already hard to differentiate (there are hundreds of these companies), and then resorting to buzzwords like “cafe” and “conversational” when we are in fact talking about impressions, CPM’s, media buying and intermediaries. Perhaps a bit of plain speak for us regular folks?

  6. Om….I don’t see what is the problem here….I love your writing and will look for YOUR writings…good luck and keep posting. We will read on.

  7. Om, have never worked with FM before but my experience with IDG / Adify has been fantastic. The kind of effort my IDG rep puts in to get the campaigns working on the site is amazing though I am just a small fry. Good luck.

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