One thought on “Towerstream, riding the Clearwire coattails”

  1. Towerstream is doing it right, and if they continue using WiMAX based features on their Unlicensed spectrum radios they will eventually dominate the commercial PTP and PTMP Wireless Market. It will be difficult for Clearwire and or SPrint to compete for these commercial customers with their Licensed Mobile 2.5Ghz WiMAX systems that are burdened by the price of the spectrum, the high price of their proprietary network (Base Station and CPE) and the low bandwidth levels they can deliver/customer.
    SOme prominant WIMAX system providers are bypassing the Fixed side of WiMAX and focusing totally on Mobile, which may prove a big mistake in both Towerstreams commercial markets and the Cell carriers Back haul market space
    Towerstream can easily deliver a 10-40Mbps pipe to a commercial customer cost effectively within an Urban environment by using a variety of low cost off the shelf PTP or PTMP radio’s($3500 for radios & antennas both ends) using the 5.3,5.4 & 5.8 Ghz radios. New WiMAX features on PTMP radios will also work nicely with these new 5Ghz radios deploying WiMAX OFDM (multipath resolved) based systems.


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