One thought on “U.S. Census Data Shows What We Know: Internet Growth”

  1. There is one problem that people will not understand. In a year or two all of rural America will be on broadband or they wouldn’t have communication at all. There wouldn’t be landlines in rural America as broadband is being put in very fast as President Obama stated in his speech on security. The only way that communication will be by VoIP and there will be no choice in the matter. The old telephone companies will be out of rural America in that time frame. They wouldn’t have enough customers to support landlines function and all their plant and equipment will be worthless period. This is one ISP that is putting all this broadband and also VoIP phone at the same time as they put in broadband with the customer. So the bottom line is people will have broadband or they wouldn’t have communication period. Some areas may be close to dropping their landlines in the next few months. The phone companies will be negative income and couldn’t support anymore. So the number should increase quickly in rural America on this function and will show that most of rural America is on broadband in the next census study. It will not be on dial up as their will not be landlines anymore. The dial up companies will lose all these customers and may have to go out of business.

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