8 thoughts on “User Interface & The Triple Play Challenge”

  1. Right on, Om. UI is the reason Apple is the powerhouse it is right now. Microsoft got a clue on the 360 and let’s hope it matriculates back into Windows. Customers are starting to realize that UI is the reason they like certain products and hate others.
    While the iPhone will expose this trend in the mobile space, we have seen it in the past with Nokia’s devices vs everyone else as well as Verizon’s own tasteless interface offerings.

  2. Actually, the UI on my DirecTV HD box is pretty darned good – it’s not Tivo, but FAR better than the visual purgatory that is the Moto UI on Comcast’s box…

    I could be wrong, but I believe the DirecTV UI is from Pace, in the UK?

    cheers, JH

  3. Om:

    The best thing I’ve seen isn’t out just yet, but it’s Hillcrest Labs ring remote and software platform. The key is navigation, bringing the computer-mouse experience to the tv.

  4. Todd, have you used it? I found it disorienting and requiring too much movement/activity. When I want motion control, I’ll fire up the Wii. 😉

    (Granted, I had just a few minutes with the remote/interface – more time is needed before passing final judgment. And of course they need partners in order to deploy.)

  5. 10 foot UIs are a place that sadly needs some standardization. I have to agree that Tivo, Apple TV, Xbox 360 are all good at doing what they do in that environment. Why can’t the people who have the strongest presence on TVs like the cable companies see the value in this? I mean except for the fact that they haven’t had any competition really until now.

  6. After travelling around and seeing what my friends live with on a day to day basis, I have to say that the UI I have for my TW HD box here in Manhattan is the best that I’ve seen from a major manufacturer/cable provider.

    Does it have some of the nice features of a Tivo like automatically recording for every Keanu Reeves movie when it sees me watch the Matrix once? No, but it sure is easy and fast to use!

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