4 thoughts on “How Big Were the Winter Olympics Online?”

  1. I was fortunate enough to catch the Olympics live and in person! But those are pretty impressive numbers, especially given how costly the actual television rights were.

    I am going to predict (first) that by 2016, everyone in the Brazil Olympics opening ceremonies will receive a free iPad and transmit their video back onto the world in real-time, and the world will be streaming it to their own iPads;-)

  2. NBC coverage sucked. Can’t believe they do packaged fakelive vs. streaming everything online all the time — no wonder these big media “top down” diktat models are going to die. This is year 2010, i want my MTV when and how i want it.

  3. Here in Canada, CTV had the rights and streamed all of its TV content, ads and all, as well as its video feeds from different events over the Internet. There were also archives of events you had missed. It was TV as it should be. Having cancelled my TV contract 6 months ago, I was more than pleased. Sometimes the playback suffered from latency (not so good for speed events such as bobsled or short track skating), but all in all very impressive. CTV and Bell Canada are now under common ownership and I’m on the Bell network. Not sure if Rogers customers had the same QoS.

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