72 thoughts on “Exclusive: Inside The Venice Project, Built On Mozilla”

  1. A small correction: SVG, Scalable Vector Graphics, is not an Adobe technology. While Adobe has been a prominent advocate for SVG, the technology itself was developed collboratively within the W3C, the Web Standards organization. Thus, SVG is an open and royalty-free standard, which allows browser makers like Opera, Firefox or Safari to implement it natively along with more traditional web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript or the DOM.

  2. i am using TVkoo for months, much better than Veniece project. TVkoo is claimed to be the zmazing product, one server of 100M bandwidth supports global broadcasting system with 100,000 users online simultaneously on the video of 350k bitrate.

  3. “but a streaming cricket matches, now that is a whole different story!”

    Om I got invited to the Veince Project during the Ashes and you can see the potential right there with targeted advertising using geo-location .Im not sure if you have seen Direct TVs feed of the cricket from WillowTV …It Sucks …It makes you want comericals at the drinks breaks and over changes if the the right meta-tags where placed in the stream .One of the Venice Developers quiped on theier forums that they need to develop a between overs ad insertion algorithm .

    Then theres the whole Adverttising bug oportunities that advertisers could use .Just put Beer and Chip commericals on the Cricket and they could make a fortune .

    The Company is based all over Europe Leiden in the Neterlands seems to be where the client team is working out of ,Touluse France is where some of the server team is ,London is where Management tends to hang out when they are not elsewhere and New York must be where the advertising people must be .The company is registered in The Netherlands Antilles a group of Caribean Islands .The Netherlands is only where the data center is …

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  8. Om,

    I think the two hurdles you mention, content and download, are both surmountable. I think the bandwidth problem will be harder and that p2p solutions are not sufficient if TVP gets to real scale. If you’re interested, I’ve posted in more detail about it at the Lightspeed blog- click my name to read more

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