14 thoughts on “Virtualize This: VMware CEO Out, Stock Tanks, Big Revenue Miss”

  1. Interesting. I love VMware and use it daily for my window only apps that I still own. I hope they can weather the storm ahead and come out blazin’.

  2. Virtualization is a great, disruptive space and Diane had done a great job of building it to where it is today.

    But who VMWare targets and how they reach them has completely changed.
    Virtualization is bypassing the IT Dtrs & CIOs (where VMWare salesreps are used to targeting) and barreling right to the CEO-CFO suite.

    So a cloud play makes perfect sense. “Get those apps up & running quickly so we can recognize revenues, decrease Data Ctr energy costs and rapidly respond to our customers ever-changing demands” – and CEO & CFOs don’t really care what happens behind the “magic curtain”.

    Paul Maritz totally gets that.

  3. As a layman, my understanding of VMWare’s triumph is just opposite to today’s cloud computing. Their core concept was to simulate a given hardware into multiple computing units. But here, cloud computing is more about integrating all given hardware to one giant computing unit. What is Martiz planning to do? VMWhere!!! ;-p

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