3 thoughts on “VoIP Battle for Las Vegas”

  1. “…Cox’s calls won’t travel on the public Internet; they instead will go over Cox’s own national fiber-optic network…”

    This would be their national fiber optic network powered by Riverstone routers that went tits up for nearly two hours last week, right?

    “…and if necessary, onto existing telephone networks.”

    Duh Cox, VoIP is useless if it cant talk to PSTN. Luckily Cox does have PSTN switches at its bigger locations from what I recall when working there. However Cox has had some big billing muckups with telco services. All roads lead to ICOMS.

  2. I think this is a great technology and needs to be exploited and utilized more by the people. I don’t think Sprint is jazzed about other VOIPS rolling into Southern Nevada. I can’t wait to see how Cox rolls out its service. God Bless you all! Yours in the LORD -DAP

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