7 thoughts on “VoIP: How much is a phone number really worth?”

  1. w00t! this is so cool! i have a UK phone number! my goodness, i need a similar service for french phone numbers! do you know of any?

    My UK #: 08444849919
    from the US: 011 44 8444849919

    i just tested it using my iconnecthere.com calling card, left myself voicemail which appeared seconds later in my email inbox.

  2. I have been told that the number 8 in china is lucky? I have a mobile number of 07831 588888, could you tell me the best way to auction the number please.


  3. i would like to know were i can sell my cell #

    its 200-0001 but i wont give the area code on here lol.
    im sure its worth some $$ for someone to have a easy # for their costomers
    and new costomers to remember.

    what do you guys think?

  4. There’s no such area code as 0207 or 0208.

    All of London is under one code: 020 and has been for a decade.

    London numbers have eight digits, and can begin with a 3, or 7, or 8.

    The same (02x) xxxx xxxx format is used in Southampton and Portsmouth, Coventry, Cardiff and the whole of Northern Ireland.

    See also:





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