4 thoughts on “VSNL, a new voice giant awakens.”

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  2. Is the telecom boom contributing to a boom in the number of countries? According to a US State Department list, there are 192 countries. Taiwan is not in the list. So when were the additional 47 countries spawned?

  3. I wonder if these deals will make it cheaper for North American carriers to connect to India? If VSNL will offer a package deal for VoIP carriers to connect over a dedicated IP link to VSNL gateways? I also wonder if VSNL broadband will start to block unapproved VoIP traffic since VSNL have been known to send the cops to bust illegal VoIP setups.

  4. Aswath, not every country recognizes every other country as you saw with Taiwan. From Ask Yahoo!, ” Depending on your criteria and definition of a country, the current count can range anywhere from 189 to 266 or so.”

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