5 thoughts on “We, Us, They, Them…Whatever”

  1. Craig, Cole Hardware is a good store, but they regularly block the sidewalk — it’s like spamming — doesn’t help bring about the type of world I’d prefer to see.

    (On-topic, I think there’s a great range of groupings, just like there’s a great range of individuals. Their behaviors all change in different situations too. Binary divisions of these are possible, but greatly debatable.)

  2. I agree that in reality most companies are “they” entities, but perhaps the illusion of “we” is of most importance.

    “We” companies may simply use PR (talking with them) more effectively than they companies who rely mostly on advertising (talking to them). Each is nothing other than an attempt at consumer manipulation (aka marketing). The difference lies in the taste remaining in the customer’s mouth. But, in each instance the company is a self-serving entity.

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