12 thoughts on “What Will Sell in 2009? SaaS, Mobile Apps & Security”

  1. Vendors targeting their products and services on making employees more productive while helping companies stretch what few budget dollars they have, will lead the recovery.

  2. One of the problems that the small SaaS application providers encounter is how to manage the billing and customers for providing the service. A lot of energy (read R&D spending) goes into developing the billing and mediation software. While researching, I came across a company called eVapt.com who have done an incredible job of developing the software that can integrate with your legacy CRM solutions and enable you to not only speed up roll out of SaaS but also to predict which customers would make renew contracts and helps a lot in contract and customer management. With the help of such softwares, I am sure SaaS will gain a fast popularity and break the myths about compromising with the organization security.

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