8 thoughts on “Where Did the Time Go?”

  1. I also stopped wearing wathces for almost 2-3 years and i’ve seen many of my friends checking time on their cellphones…

    Wow, now with your confession this trend seems more common than i thought!.

  2. For this reason alone watch manufacturers should more effort marketing watches as a part of men’s jewelry and fashionable accessories rather than sole functional purposes.

  3. I stopped wearing a watch in college because my philosophy studies led me to believe that time in a 24-hour sense was pretty insignificant. Also, I started carrying a pager, which always had the time.

  4. I am sure that like every other enterprise the cell phone companies will also apply DST patches to their linux/unix servers and therefore since your mobile depends upon the cell phone towers to provide them with the time they will be all ok .

  5. i havent worn a watch, due to having a mobile phone for close to 10 years now… one less device to keep going… am waiting to do away with my wallet when it becomes standard to keep money on a phone using some form of wireless digital payment scheme! then perhaps my keys too. One device to rule them all…

  6. I’ve been watchless for about 3 years now, just use the mobile. If it could just keep my calendar without a mega-hassle it would be perfect.

    I recall a conversation I had when much younger:

    Friend – “I’ll know I’m rich when I can buy a Breitling”

    Me – “I’ll know I’m rich when I don’t need a watch”

    I guess now I’ll know it when I don’t need a mobile 🙂

  7. I stopped wearing a watch several years ago, and then my wife bought me a watch. The only time I seem to wear it is when I am required to dress more formally. It seems to help complete certain types of outfits. As a previous poster noted: in some regards it’s really becoming more of a male fashion accessory.

  8. to let me know where our planet was in relation to the Sun.

    Would “to let me know where I am in relation to Greenwich” or something similar be a better way to put it?

    Mobile phones improved their time-telling usefulness since they started offering PDA/email features. I’ve never used a wristwatch, but 10 years ago I had to pull the phone out of my pocket solely to check the time and that wasn’t good – talk about “poor man’s watch”.
    Now I use the phone much more frequently (to check push email, etc.) and so there’s almost no need to reach for my phone just to find out what the time is.

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