One thought on “Whither LapTop, TI Chief Thinks So”

  1. I guess the 3G providers are in their own world..just because they can offer this feature rich phones and ask $$$ for the smart phones doesnt mean people will go for it. Think about the Pocket PC. How many of them using it?. I for one hate the clumsy keyboard and such complicated menus. Example- I changed my cell phone from Nokia to LG . Good Lord what they think when they decide this menu’s..They should consult a GUI designer before writing those apps. Most of my friend and me think that smart phones are not for us.. it might be popular with the sales force and the Yuppie community who wants to show off. I think smart phone should have just SMS with basic phone functionality. Last but not least let the FCC open up the airwaves and the cell phone companies concentrate on not dropping the calls.

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