7 thoughts on “Why Jeff Bezos' latest plan should scare fashion retailers”

  1. I think that you mean Michael Kors, not Michael Coors. One would be mid-to-higher end fashion, while the other would be low quality beer.

    I don’t envy the retailers who will end up battling Amazon. One possible result will end up being the end of Amazon’s sales tax free status in so many states. When it was just books that was one thing. Now they’re going after merchants on main street that politicos may actually shop at.

  2. Haha, Michael Coors? Didn’t know Bezos had the power to merge high fashion and rocky mountain taste like that.

  3. Don’t forget that they already have the high end with one of their subsidiaries: shopbop.com – which is growing nicely from what little I know about the company (they are based in Madison, where I live). So the model of a great user experience coupled with fashion is already present in-house.

  4. I wounder if it will turn into the BestBuy/Amazon model of “Browsing at Nordstrom, engage with their staff, finding what I want, then going home and buying it without tax on Amazon”.

  5. America seems hell bent on taking away the beauty, excitement and luxury out of a well made purchase. I’m no Luddite & do not begrudge anyone the convenience of technology but isn’t there something to be said about finding something beautiful and paying for it outright (with no intention of return) and gladly paying the sales tax to support the state that is still concerned with small business?

  6. They’re clearly edging into more of an experience shopping here.

    It’s not like Macy’s competes on price. Might be a better fit for Zappos.

  7. We already use MyHabit for most of our child-related clothing purchases and find the experience enjoyable. I can see an immediate problem for Macy’s, but do not think that Neiman’s has anything to worry about in the near future.

    For some, the store from which an item is purchased serves as a prestige factor. In addition, there are rewards programs and close relationships between customers and their sales people and tailors.

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