18 thoughts on “Will iPad & Tablets Be Our Sunday Paper?”

  1. If it means getting rid of all that newspaper forever, that would be great. All it does is end up littering the streets. However, in the future, they are going to need to work harder and harder at making it easy for people to recycle electronics when the new version of something comes out. Also, images and text look so nice on an iPad, and it doesn’t matter if you are in an area without light since everything on the tablet is backlit for you. They also need to start looking more and more into solar power for these devices since more electricity will be consumed as all paper turns into some sort of extremely thin electronic machinery.

    1. It does litter the streets around here due to the large hispanic population that could care less about what’s in the papers tossed in their driveways for free.

  2. Since, I’m usually out and about on Sundays, and my butt isn’t wide enough for pants with backpockets big enough to fit an iPad, then an iPad is useless to me on Sundays- and everyday. My laptop and phone work well together for me.

  3. “Will iPad & Tablets…” So the iPad is NOT a tablet? Sheesh, Om.
    On topic, yes, I can see how tablets can replace the Sunday paper. There are some good apps out there for news browsing.
    –Sent from my tablet which is an Apple iPad 1 😉

  4. I don’t read newspaper everyday and subscribing to conventional newspaper is not for me. I do like WSJ’s model where I can just buy one edition. If more newspapers start doing it, I would think it would help newspaper owners as well, as it would save a trip to local 7-11 on Sunday morning. The convenience would be the key.

  5. I already read all my Swiss and Thai Sunday newspapers on my iPad (soon iPad 2). I also will change to iPad versions of my other newspapers and magazines when there will be available.

    This saves a lot of paper I so don’t have to collect for recycling… Most of the paper a quite cheaper than the paper version – up to 50%!

  6. I don’t know. But it seems that nobody wants money for anything. Everyone just wants to eat dirt in the states. And everyone is turning red in the states.

  7. The iPad and iPhone already completely replaced my Sunday newspaper, daily newspaper and weekly news magazine — I stopped reading ALL print editions of local, national and international periodicals two years ago and don’t miss the ink stains one bit. In addition Apple’s iOS devices often serve my HDTV and radio news too — live or recorded.

    As far as I’m concerned, the print era is dead, even though I worked in print news for 20 years.

  8. Well nowadays who can afford the waste of time in looking for important stuff inside the social stream flush… I stopped doing it a week ago. Now using the Hitpad app for the iPad, which shows me snippets of information on the current happening. 5 minutes with this app and I’m all set. Free time is a luxury? Not necessarily.

  9. Yes, absolutely! I’m from a big family and my newspaper always get scatter around if I’m the last one to read! This will save me a lot!

  10. (In anticipation:) I can easily see getting *daily static* (i.e., newspaper) news from an iPad. What I fear for is ongoing updates (e.g., “fresh” ongoing updates such as one might receive from the 10AM, noon, afternoon, and evening news on radio or TV).

  11. Im not sure if tablets will take over but definitely some sort of mobile media. I use my iphone to read the latest news. I think the baby boomers will be the last generation to really “subscribe” to physical papers. My mom, for example, still likes flipping through the paper and looking at the Sunday Ads.

  12. [In this analogy, Tablet = paper (made from trees)]. There will very likely be applications made for tablets that become the modern day equivalent of the Sunday Paper in that they prescribe a robust editorial and a compelling UX that evolve into your “first-stop” for news and information. But in this new tablet paradigm, one tablet application for each newspaper would be like getting 20 papers delivered to your doorstep. What I’d prefer is an app that let users identify the topics they’re interested in, while the platform goes out and retrieves the best stories. As it currently stands, going to a particular source in the hopes that they’ve recently written about your favorite topics seems old school, and unable to keep up with the increased volume of content being written. Especially in the age of distributed publishing platforms. I want a personalized news reader that is topic-based and source-agnostic.

  13. Hey, Don, generalizations about a people (Hispanics) usually is prejudiced and racist. Check yourself, please.

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