11 thoughts on “With an IPO on Its Mind, Skype Shows Growth”

  1. interesting. does anyone know

    a) how many minutes are skype to skype —> a good % of that is what they have taken out of the voice market, and cannot monetize
    b) length of average conversation, skype to skype vs. skype to skypeOut. curious about the impact of free….
    c) number of skype to skype calls with video…


  2. kudos to skype on its growth … of course it is adding muscle to its current status and probably have good (financial) impact on its future (whatever course it chooses).

    will be keen to see a in depth analysis on its monetizing strategy …. don’t you think $153.2 million in quarterly revenue from 443.2 million registered users is not that impressive after all.

  3. Please, every time you put a picture or a chart in a blog post link it to a higher dimension image.

    It’s illegible as it is.

    Thank you.

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