6 thoughts on “With New CEO, Spin Out Ahead For AOL”

  1. Armstrong will have to do really well to succeed in troubled times. At apex level getting driven by the logic of money may not be the only consideration. if that had been the case, no enterprise would have been born or run.Let’s not hang CEOs before even they have even adorned the mantle.

  2. People Networks is not too bad…please remember that AIM and ICQ boast many users around the world. They just started migrating these users (60 Mil+) to Bebo for profiles…it would be a huge win if only half of those users picked up Bebo (with it’s latest redesign and lifestreaming).

    I think AOL should be considered as a product like AIM or Mapquest and Armstrong should rename the company…CLEAN SLATE. AOL is a great product, but the name is frowned upon. Name the company xXxXxXxXxX and fold the AOL brand into it’s portfolio of content/advertising solutions.

  3. Putting back dial-up into the AOL P&L is a short-term fix at best — it adds cash flow, but kills growth. Once the equity markets recover somewhat from the current panic (which, in due time, they will), growth will be prized again. Dial-up will just be an albatross at that point.

    Better to leave out dial-up and make the best of the pure web businesses. It will be a struggle, starting from a low base, but there’s the potential for real growth (and thus a high multiple) if Tim et al can pull it off.

  4. Yea, but will AOL actually push AIM users into using Bebo by replacing the “AIM HOMEPAGE” with their new slick Bebo profile? Probably not, that would be too easy.

    Ditching that trashy celeb news pop up page when you sign onto AIM for something the users might actually want and use (tripling page views) would seem like a great idea.

    But AOL never rarely uses it’s eyeball power to push it’s other products around. Internally they just don’t communicate to do innovative things like this.

    It’s like if they were Microsoft, they would have never have bundled in IE with Windows.

    THIS, I hope Tim can change.

  5. Agreed with above…needs to be rebranded to have any chance. The days of dial-up being a big draw is pretty much dead except for outskirt areas where people can’t get broadband.

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