3 thoughts on “YAHNS, TVnet 2X aka 200Mbps Ethernet-over-Coax”

  1. I wonder if technology like this is in the new DirecTV (and others) single DVR with multiple player products. They seem to only communicate via coax and the current multi-switch could be redesigned to be an ehternet switch as well.

  2. If this does catch on, probably not much effect quite a time (unfortunately).

    Compared to any other part of telecoms /cable infrastructure, the Access network is the slowest to change. There area lots of technologies that are floated, and few swim (e.g. Broadband over Powerline…)

    It is the most price sensitive (this is the single biggest factor), and needs to be simple to operate and install / maintain (read mature). The adoption cycle is long… think how long DSL took to get traction and widespread deployment.

    Other take – Longer term (5 years +) it is going to be much harder for the ILECs to avoid becoming bit pipes (there is no need for QOS as the amount of bandwidth increases). So their current noise about differential charging is going to look sillier as the amount of bandwidth increases.

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