5 reasons BitTorrent Store won’t sell

BitTorrent is all set to launch a legal P2P video download service, BitTorrent Entertainment Network, that will offer television shows for sale and movies for rental from some of the major Hollywood studios. The news has created quite a stir amongst the technorati. Mathew Ingram, a man not known to mince words, is convinced that the new service is destined to fail. It is hard to disagree with his assessment, though our reasons are slightly different that his. Here is a short list of challenges we see for BitTorrent’s new store:

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WWD, now smoking

WebWorkerDaily has been a labor of love – my love and labor of others, growing slowly and steadily, find a lot of passionate readers. The community has become its biggest asset. It is so gratifying to hear from absolute strangers who proclaim their love for the site. Despite all the progress, WWD has been a … Continue reading WWD, now smoking

Camino 1.1 Beta released

Camino team released the beta 1.1 version of their Mac only Mozilla-based browser on Friday. Nice improvements, and worth the download, despite the beta tag. Two features I like: spell checking and session restore – which is enough of a reason for not using Firefox. Continue reading Camino 1.1 Beta released