No XM Recording For You

US District Court Judge Deborah Watts has allowed RIAA to pursue its case again XM Radio. Watts thinks that XM+MP3 devices like the Inno, Helix, and Nexus don’t quality for protection under the Audio Home Recording Act. Her ruling essentially says that it is okay to tape songs off the free radio, but not okay … Continue reading No XM Recording For You

Apple Ushers in Era of the Fluid UI

It has been a while since I sat down with Angus Davis, co-founder of voice applications service provider TellMe. I have known Davis and his co-founder Mike McCue for years. We met in an era when most Oracle employees wanted to work at Netscape, where the two of them were. (These days I guess Google is the company on people’s wish list to escape the evil clutches of Larry 1.0.)

TellMe powers the 411 services at major telecom service providers, mobile operators and large corporations like FedEx. It is a boring business, but hugely lucrative, enough to make TellMe a likely candidate for an IPO offering later this year. But Davis dodged those questions, and instead we ended up talking about a staggering work of Jobs’ genius – the iPhone, which could also very well be Steve’s WaterWorld.

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