Of soirees, traffic snarls and self importance

What do you have when you put 2700 self-important people in one of the elite hotels such as Waldorf Astoria in New York City? To call it Davos 2002 is an oxy moron in itself. The 2002 edition of the World Economic Forum was held nowhere close to the Swiss city of Davos. Instead an overcrowded and getting increasingly irate by the minute New York City, played host to the likes of Bill gates, the Microsoft chairman; Steve Case, his nemesis at AOL Time Warner (no the two did not shake hands); and other celebrities.
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If you can’t beat them, sue them

By now most of you I am sure must have read long-winded stories on AOL Time Warner’s Netscape division suing Microsoft Corp. You might have read by now the AOL side of the story, and Microsoft side of the story. Legal issues aside, I just want to bring up one little aspect which is sometimes overlooked when it comes to Microsoft bashing „ it wins because it has stupid enemies.
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Love in the Internet age

With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, I ended up in a meta-physical discussion with some folks yesterday about the fact that if you can find real love on the Internet. Sitting in the lounge of the old W hotel, as we sipped Oban, wine, diet coke, martini’s and other potions of intoxication, we all wondered if it was possible to meet someone on the internet, fall in love, get married and happily ever after. Many argued (mostly ladies) it is quite possible. I for one (with support from another person) argued, no it is not possible.
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