Write like a human

Given that I have been writing three decades, including eighteen-plus years a blogger, I am hardly surprised that I am repeatedly asked: how should I write? And my answer is always the same — write like a human.  We are getting buried under freeze-dried news reports and hot takes that make supermarket baloney feel like a … Continue reading Write like a human

I found these stories informative and interesting. They outline the second and third-order impacts of the pandemic. They should add another dimension to your reading about the pandemic. — Om

Why Brooks Brothers went bankrupt? You might think that the COVID pandemic was to blame for the shutdown of the most American of fashion icons, but in reality, the seeds of its irrelevance were sown a long time ago.

Americans will pay too much for the COVID vaccine? Why and what one mogul thinks can be done about it.

Nothing makes us aware of our clutter problem than staying and working at home all the time, as The New York Times reports.

The pandemic could make US food system become more resilient, reports National Geographic. I hope so, but I don’t feel optimistic considering the vise-like grip of big food cartels on our economy.

It is good to take a look at the past of the elevators, which we know are about to change in the future to accommodate our new behaviors in the post-pandemic age. (h/t Nicholas Thompson)