I have been toying with an idea around “engineering” and how the meaning of the word has changed around here in Silicon Valley. And now like a spider, I find myself trapped in the web of thoughts I have woven. Three days later, I have not been able to make any progress on my newsletter. I am going to skip this week’s edition.

The Essayist

I just started re-reading Essays of E.B.White. I couldn’t help but share his self-deprecating description of an essayist. His writings, in general, are amazing, but I am particularly inspired by his essays, as I have always aspired to write longer, and deeply reported essays.

The essayist is a self-liberated man, sustained by the childish belief that everything he thinks about, everything that happens to him, is of general interest. He is a fellow who thoroughly enjoys his work, just as people who take bird walks enjoy theirs. Each new excursion of the essayist, each new “attempt,” differs from the last and takes him into a new country. This delights him. Only a person who is congenitally self-centered has the effrontery and the stamina to write essays.

E.B. White

July 25, 2020, San Francisco.

21 weeks

This morning was the 142nd day of pandemic-related isolation. 21 weeks later, I look back and see how everything that was strange in March, feels almost normal in July. Whether it is going to restaurants, getting in an Uber, or meeting with acquaintances—- somehow it has become a distant memory. I don’t miss any of … Continue reading 21 weeks