Edgeio Launches, Finally

So much has been written about Edgeio, that it is hard to add anything new to the conversation. The big news is that, it has finally gone live. Go try it out for yourself.

Edgeio is a company co-founded byMike Arrington, who writes the influential Web 2.0 blog, TechCrunch, and Keith Teare who is also CEO of the company. Edgeio has received a whopping $1.5 million in angel funding from the likes of Ron Conway, RSS Investors, Transcosmos, Louis Monier (AltaVista founder, formerly of eBay and now at Google), and Jeff Clavier. Continue reading “Edgeio Launches, Finally”

Two Dot Roundup

By Jackson West

Let’s get the Gang of Four out of the way. Google released Google Pages, and almost immediately closed off new sign ups due to demand. Still, it smells a little like Geocities to me. Chris Pirillo, for his part, has decided to go an entire week without using any Google products — Googlefasting, he calls it. Might be a good time to try MyWeb 2.0 from Yahoo, which is now in beta. Yahoo search also adds deeplinks to any Wikipedia entries that might turn up. Continue reading “Two Dot Roundup”

Google Calendar Some Details

Paul Stone found has some screenshots which show that its not a matter of if, but when Google Calendar launches. I have been trying to nail down the specifics of the calendar for last 15 days, and have found some sketchy details. It has a user interface quite similar to that of GMail and Google … Continue reading Google Calendar Some Details