Time to Get on the ‘GovBus’

I make my debut as a contributor to the Wall Street Journal editorial pages

Aly Sabra Galal Abdell can be forgiven for having assumed that the Immigration and Naturalization Service is a joke. After all, the INS did issue visas to two dead terrorists, Mohamed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi, nearly six months after they perpetrated the Sept. 11 attack. But on April Fool’s Day, Mr. Abdell, an Egyptian national, learned that the joke was on him — he was arrested at Miami International Airport, with box-cutters in his carry-on bag. A quick computer check revealed that he had been deported from the U.S. in January.
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Video-on-demand is dead

Finally there is some good news – Qwest has decided that it will close its Qwest Digital Media operations, which produced, stored and transmitted digital video content. So what that means is that the annoying ads showing a tired business man looking for a room at a roach-motel, or a guy looking for classical greatest … Continue reading Video-on-demand is dead

The price of truth

No surprise, Walter Hewlett, the scion of the Hewlett family is out of a job. Are you surprised by the news that he got fired from HPÃs board for opposing Hewlett-PackardÃs merger with Compaq Computer. And then when he filed a lawsuit against the company for trying to buy the votes from Deutsche Asset Management, … Continue reading The price of truth

The Chapter 11 club

Red Herring :: Metro ethernet providers were all the rage in 2000 and 2001, laughing their way to the bank as other communications services companies dropped like flies. Here comes the reality check. Falling bandwidth prices, too much competition, and a slow economy have taken their toll on several metro services companies. Sigma Networks was … Continue reading The Chapter 11 club