Serendipity & Mr. Chen

San Francisco has one thing going for it – serendipity of interactions. Last night while having dinner with my friend Jared Kim I ran into Steve Chen, who in past life was co-founder of YouTube. These days he and Chad Hurley (another YouTube) run a holding company which now owns Delicious, the social bookmarking service … Continue reading Serendipity & Mr. Chen

Meeting Kevin Abosch

Of all the things I did and people I talked to, I was most delighted to meet Kevin Abosch, a photographer, though to call him that would be unfair to this anthropologist of human soul. Well known for his portraits of the famous and the fabulous, former Los Angeles native lives on the edges of … Continue reading Meeting Kevin Abosch

What I am reading today

Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Mahler—they all loved taking long walks. So did Steve Jobs. So does Jack Dorsey. In other words, walking is good for you. The ultimate marriage – technology and craftsmanship. Here are six examples. It is time to reinvent the personal computer. Michael Mace, argues why. Digital mess demands a spring scrub. In other … Continue reading What I am reading today