Bobby Jindal, or Uncle RoM

From my In-Box: Bobby has a strongly anti-abortion platform. He and his wife have a covenant marriage, a Louisiana innovation that mandates premarital counselling and sets stricter terms for divorce. When asked, Should same-sex partners have the same rights, such as tax and employee benefits, as partners in marriages between a man and a woman? … Continue reading Bobby Jindal, or Uncle RoM

Ben-Lo is now RAffleck

Apparently Rani “yummier than rasgula” Mukherjee is co-starring with Ben Afflek in director Dev Benegal’Äôs next project, a romantic love story set in Mumbai, and California called what else -Bombay California. Such creativity is worthy of an Oscar. He in case Afflek does not work out, Ethan Hawke will be the replacement. So now you … Continue reading Ben-Lo is now RAffleck