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A brief update on comments. As many of you might have noticed, comments aren’t working as advertised. It seems that you post comments, but are unable to see them. The problem isn’t in WordPress, but instead it is in the javascript that displays the comments. There is a bug somewhere and I can’t find the … Continue reading About Comments

A new Bell & Ross tote bag

Bell & Ross, a Swiss company that makes military and vintage air force inspired automatic and mechanical watches is one of the more iconic brands and I have always enjoyed their creations. They recently sent me a press kit for their forthcoming watches and along with it this nice little tote bag, which is slowly becoming my everyday bag. The bag reflects the watches “tough” look and feel. It has enough pockets to fit all my gadgets, chargers, notebooks, pens and most importantly the new Sony RX-1 camera.
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New York is one place where I get a break from the routine and get some time to contemplate. Ironic, considering that New York City is the urban equivalent of Twitter – constant distractions, noisy and full of spectacles and spectacular. The obvious benefit: walking five miles a day results in me losing between 5-7 … Continue reading Mirror