That’s baseball for you

The Paris Review Daily It is a sport of endless summers and new beginnings, of hope revived every spring in the unchanging climes of Florida and Arizona. And like all American sports, it’s one of ever-expanding playoffs, of exponential salary increases and lockouts, of sabermetrics and steroids, of stadiums that double as amusement parks, anxious … Continue reading That’s baseball for you

Two Skies

The difference between New York and San Francisco is the sky. There is so little of it in New York. It peeks from between buildings. It needs a special effort to get a glimpse when standing on the street. It has a color of success. The higher up you go, the closer you get to … Continue reading Two Skies

Coasting on reputation

“‘We’re always trying to test ourselves. Life’s too short to just breeze on by. Reputation means nothing. Just because something’s been good in the past doesn’t mean it will continue to be good. The biggest problem we have is people are cooking on reputation.’” Chef David Chang in The Globe and Mail Continue reading Coasting on reputation