A tweet from Hiten was an apt reminder that it has been over five years since I quit smoking. It is still the most difficult thing I have ever done. Five years later, not a day goes by when the craving doesn’t hit me. I need to summon all my resolve to fight the urge … Continue reading Smoked

My year in photos

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2012… I hardly knew ya! Probably one of the busiest years of my life, it was one of the most fun fruitful and satisfying years as well. Sure it was stressful at times and yes, I packed on a few pounds, but let’s just say it was a year lived. Of course this is the year, I fell in love with Photography, thanks to Instagram which gave me the confidence that – yes I can take decent photos and share them with others. And as a result I am going to recap my year in photos.  Continue reading “My year in photos”


Earlier this weeks, a report came out that terms of service fracas cost Instagram about 25 percent of its users and that resulted in Facebook stock dropping about three percent. Instagram came out and said it is not the case. Ooops! The question to be asked after the drama – why everyone was getting hot … Continue reading Post-traumatic