Zakaria versus Zakaria

Is all well in the Zakaria household? Farid Zakaria, the best selling author (Future of Freedom et. al) and an editor at Newsweek International has been on a hitting streak that matches Barry Bonds, or if you prefer Sachin Tendulkar. On the flip side, Arshad Zakaria, one of the two other Zakaria’s has just been … Continue reading Zakaria versus Zakaria

How HI-bs changed California

They were dead giveaways in their shiny white sneakers and dress slacks: hi-tech Indian workers in Silicon Valley on H1-B work visas. But more than Indian surgeons or entrepreneurs, they’ve put Indian Americans on the cultural map nationwide. As the Silicon Valley economy splutters, the ubiquitous H1-B engineers who came to the United States on … Continue reading How HI-bs changed California

Dalai Lama Tour 2003

Taking his cue from the Rolling Stones, Tibetian spiritual leader, Dalai Lama is once again on a StateSide tour. The Dalai Lama comes back strong in September, with the hype of a concert tour. Earlier this month a brand-new 30-by-40-foot billboard was erected across from the Condˆ© Nast building on Times Square, announcing the Tibetan … Continue reading Dalai Lama Tour 2003