Apache is back

Apache Indian, remember him – he is the ragamuffin who sang Arranged Marriage. He is back and is currently touring the United States along with reggae superstar Sean Paul. Apache’s new tracks Global Talk and That Girl are on radio in the United States and have been play listed by 15 top stations across the … Continue reading Apache is back

Given the success of Addictive, and later Mundayen to Bach Ke, is it any surprise that more and more hip-hop producers are experimenting with Hindi-Hop. Timbaland & Magoo are helping brown senorita Rajˆ© Shwari make a nationwide debut with her single, Indian Flute. As Divya, one really cool blogger says, “Hearing Timbaland and Magoo try … Continue reading

Three times Jhumpha

The New York Times is simply too much in love with Jhumpa Lahiri and her books. She makes it a rare three in a row. I mean she has showed up on the pages of the gray old lady, three weeks in a row. Its incorrigible mildness and its ungilded lilies aside, Lahiri’s novel is … Continue reading Three times Jhumpha