Horsing Around

It has been a while since I tried out a manual rangefinder camera. I have become used to Leica SL, its stunning viewfinder and focus peaking to use my favorite lens. Rangefinder cameras have become a bit harder to use as my eyesight has started to lose its youthful vigor. The SL fits the bill … Continue reading Horsing Around

Photo by Chris Michel

Every photo tells a story. And there is a story behind every image. As a writer, I found myself restricted by the social platforms when it came to telling that story.

I believe we all deserve more than a blink of an eye for our work. The web allows me to share higher quality images and gives you a chance to view them on a screen bigger than our phones.

I wanted to unshackle from the silver cage of social media, and that is why I started a small newsletter — to share my creative work.

I also sometimes share links to the work of other photographers, articles worth reading, and soon short chats with fellow photographers whose work I admire.

I hope you can join me on my journey and sign-up for this occasional newsletter.