Experimenting with film photography

Every so often, I decide to put down my daily camera – Leica M Monochrome – and start mucking around with other cameras. I like the Fuji XPro2, which is an amazing little devil. I have also got a certain fondness for Olympus Pen-F (which Chris Michel loaned me). I have a little soft spot for the Leica SL which despite what others says is one of the better mirror less cameras and makes late night shooting a breeze, especially as I find rangefinders hard to use after daylight has faded a bit — my eyes aren’t what they used to be. Continue reading “Experimenting with film photography”

Looks Good: Peak Design Backpack


I wasn’t a backpack kind of person, up until my friend Matt nagged me into trying one. I still wasn’t convinced, but you do a lot of things in name of friendship. However, when I started going for photography trips, I started to realize the value of backpacks, except that most of the bags targeting photographers are like hiking boots — long on comfort, short on style. Being “aesthetics first” kind of person, I have settled for a Tumi Arrive backpack which is an ideal blend of rugged and aesthetically pleasing. While it is good for carrying a camera and a lens with some accessories, it isn’t really a true camera bag.  Continue reading “Looks Good: Peak Design Backpack”