A Big Sur Photo Album

As part of True Ventures’ Founder Camp, I spent a couple of days this past week in Carmel Valley.  I went on two photowalks and took photos at the camp as well. Instead of my usual Leica M-P, I borrowed a friend’s Fuji X-T1 (graphite) camera with an amazing APS-C sensor. The sensor might be smaller than the full frame 35mm cameras, but it is by no means a slouch. I used two lenses to take these photos – f2/16mm (equivalent to about 24mm on full-frame cameras) and F1.2/56mm (equivalent of about 85mm on full-frame cameras.)  Here are some photos — most of them are jpeg’s right out of the camera. A handful were touched up in LightRoom.


Select 7: forays into film (photography) 

These are seven select photos from my first ever attempt to use film. I was using a Contax T3 point and shoot which is as close to digital a film camera can get. It was loaned to me by Cliff Englert. He tells me three good photos from one roll of film is a good start. From that standpoint I should feel okay!

I was using Kodak Portra 400 film. What I like about the film — this is all the lens saw, no processing, no modification. I love the purity of the film. I think I am in love. Medium format, will be my target by 2017!


The Red Chill Car

It is my favorite photo from the month of July 2015. This beautiful and immaculately maintained original Fiat 500 was standing outside Merci, a magnificent store in Paris. I absolutely love this photo. It feels timeless, except if you look closely there is a phone in the hands of one girls sitting on the stairs outside the store. Made with Leica MP and Leica f/2 35 mm Leica lens. There are more of my favorite July 2015 photos are here on Storehouse!