Calistoga in the rain 

I ended up in Calistoga to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I forgot my backpack at home and as a result am reduced to just one device – my phone. It is interesting to be forced to use a different, wider lens when you are used to a 50 mm lens. 

Made with the iPhone7Plus at the Calistoga Ranch, California. Edited with RNI Films app.

Tuscany (2014)

Summer 2014 was the first time I took a real vacation and went to Tuscany, Italy. I wasn’t really obsessed with photography the way I am right now, and was using a simple point-and-shoot camera, Sony RX-100 (Mark II).

At that time, I was randomly snapping photos, and was still trying to figure out composition, exposure and light. However, it was during the wee hours of this one morning when I felt that I had found what I was looking for in my photo — mystery of life. I fell in love with the amalgation of “roads, fog and perceived silence of the journey.” Since then, I have been refining that thought process and have endlessly stopped in places unknown to take in the view, make a photo or two, and then carry on.

I converted some of these JPEGs to B&W images using the Nik Software’s Silver EFx Pro 2 software and then asked two of my photographer friends – Kevin Scott and Mark Kawano to pick their favorites from about 15 photos. The top three were picked by both Mark and Kevin.


…Mark liked these…


… and Kevin liked these…


Made with Sony RX-100 MK11. Converted to B&W with Silver EFx Pro2 


I was in Bolinas earlier this year. I never got around to editing my photos. These are JPEGs out of the camera with Fuji Pro 160NS (warm) preset applied via the RNI Films app. I made some minor adjustments on contrast and shadows! 

Chimney Rock

I am spending the Christmas weekend with some friends, up here in Inverness, which is one of my favorite parts of California. I like making photos here, and I brought along my Leica SL and my iPhone. We hiked up to Chimney Rock, and despite the bright sunshine (and fast wind), got the opportunity to snap a few photos, but it was the iPhone which was out more than a few times. We even saw some baby elephant seals sleeping on the beach, enjoying the sun. Here are some photos from today’s hike!

Made with iPhone7Plus.

Iceland: The Frozen Exposures

One of the best parts of this trip to Iceland was that I spent an inordinate amount of time doing long exposures, both on my Fuji xPro2 and Leica M-Monochrome. I used the Lee Filters on Fuji and B&W ND filters of various types on my Leica. The results were quite different on each. 

Photo by @Om (

The lake in the north of the country was about a mile and a half from where I was staying and as a result was a popular spot for me to try and make some long exposures. This was made with Fuji xPro2 and their 16mm lens. 11 seconds exposure at f16 with ISO 200. (Above)

Photo by @Om (

Mother & baby seal — this iceberg reminded me of them so named my #5 in the long exposure series just that. It was quite fun to make this photo as this place was packed with tourists and really rude photographers who just kept entering the shot and ruining my various attempts. I normally don’t lose my shit, but I was close! So many attempts meant I ran out of my two batteries. Still I think all of the agony was worth it! (Above)

Photo by @Om (

There are times when the whole thing feels upside down! (Above)

Photo by @Om (

This is just a photo I love because it makes me feel so tranquil. Settings were f4/50mm-equivalent and exposed for about 40 seconds using a 3-stop ND filter! (Above)

Photo by @Om (

Same lake, different point of view about an hour later. More light in the sky, less pink and more blue. (Above)

Photo by @Om (

Another lake, early in the morning and sun peaked out for barely an hour. This is a 39 second exposure, ISO 200 at f11.(Above)

All photos made with Fuji xPro2 and a variety of lenses, including my go to lens, Fuji f2/35 WR lens. I used Lee Filters.