Living at 200 Mbps

Verizon just launched a 300 Mbps tier as part of its FiOS broadband offering for about $210 a month. While many might wonder what you can do with the 300 Mbps connection, I am going to find out soon. You see, my ISP, Webpass of San Francisco just upgraded my 100 Mbps connection to 200 Mbps — for free. Yup. For less than $50 a month, I am now enjoying 200 Mbps symmetrical connection in my apartment. My new networking problem: my 802.11n-based home wireless network is not fast enough for the super speed so I have to go back to using wires. That is a tad difficult considering there is no Ethernet jack on my Macbook Air. I guess a Thunderbolt-to-Ethernet adapter should do the trick and that means a visit to the Apple store, soon.   Continue reading “Living at 200 Mbps”