It has been a long year—the longest. I spent the lengthy days and endless nights fluctuating between nonstop working, curling up under the covers, and — mostly — writing. You might have read some of those words.

For some odd reason, I didn’t want my writing from the past year to fall into the digital ether of nothingness. I wanted to etch the journey I took into something more tangible.

Like pieces of a giant jigsaw, I remixed over one hundred blog posts. I spliced them with my photos. In the process, I have crafted what could be labeled an eBook. One could call it a zine. I just think of it as my attempt to remember fragments of a remarkable year. It is illustrated mostly by my photographs, though a few from friends have helped me tell the unusual year’s story.

Clocking in at over 20,000 words, this isn’t a quick read — but perhaps it will trigger some of your thoughts and memories from the year that changed everything.

Read: The Longest Year (an eBook.)

December 31, 2020, San Francisco

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