Portraits with xPro2 & MS Optical f2/28

One of the great joys of Fuji xPro2 is that you can use a variety of Leica M lenses via an official Fuji lens adapter, which allows one to mount Leica lenses on the Fuji bodies. This weekend, after receiveing a loaner xPro2 from Fujifilm USA, I mounted my MS Optical f2/28mm lens, which is even smaller than a pancake lens. That 28mm field of view translates to about 42 mm on the APS-C sensor – not too wide, not too tele. I walked around town and made some portraits of folks I met on a this weekend. As you can tell, the lens is quite soft — romantic even — when wide open. It combines well with the new sensor and processor in the Fuji.

Jen, an artist who works at Nancy Boy in Hayes Valley!

Joni, who works at Garrett Light & Co in Hayes Valley.

Mark and Carina who are both co-editors of a book/magazine Terasu. Carina, despite the best efforts wasn’t in sharp focus, which is part of the lens’s character.

All photos made at ISO 200 & f2, right out of the camera JPEGS using the Acros simulation.