Here Is What to Read: the Best of the Web

Welcome back to my “Best of the Web” ( previously known as “7 Things to Read This Weekend”) email newsletter. After a long hiatus, we are starting its second season.¬†In its previous incarnation my recommendations were about stepping away from technology and the minutiae of the industry. The new version has no such limitations. I will curate stories, essays, opinions and interviews that I find enlightening and thought-provoking. They help understand the big changes going on in our society.¬†Without much further ado, here is the first set of reading recommendations. Continue reading “Here Is What to Read: the Best of the Web”

What I am reading today

Rediscovering radio through apps. [Jenna Wortham] Why Google does things it does. [Michael Mace] Can redesigning workspace help Microsoft overcome its mid-life (talent) crisis? [Metropolis] Look, feel and newness. [Adaptive Path] Silicon Valley is hacking food. [Inc.] The future of web, a draft. [Bastian Allegier] Distributed everything and how to use the Internet. [Ven Portman] … Continue reading What I am reading today