The 5G Hocus Pocus

The launch of the iPhone 12 has focused our collective attention on “5G,” a collection of fifth-generation wireless technologies that will supersede the fourth generation (4G) wireless — including Long Term Evolution (LTE). The new 5G is supposed to be faster — so fast that people talk as if it might be magical. I usually … Continue reading The 5G Hocus Pocus

If you live in America and are dreaming of 5G to come and sizzle up your devices (which might set you back big money), it is, frankly, time to wake up and smell the hype. While U.S. wireless companies like AT&T love to talk up 5G, when it comes to sharing details on availability, they  quickly hide behind legal doublespeak. No wonder, as Ars Technica points out, they want to hide the map of 5G availability from the American public