What to read this weekend?

The Facebook Hearings have kept me distracted, and I wasn’t doing much other than keeping up with the torrent of news and hot takes. Not much was said, not much was done. No surprise, as I have written in the past. It was a great exercise in “how to read between the lines.” However, I have finally caught up with my reading. Here are few stories that I think are worth reading.

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Few fun reads for this weekend

It is cold, rainy and grey here. Perfect day for me to totally binge on The Fall Season 3. I mean who can resist that show! Unfortunately, I need to plan, pack and do some last minute shopping for a trip. We all live in stress inducing, mind-numbing, politically charged times and need some relief from the mundane. So, instead of sending you some heavy stuff, I wanted to share some fun reads and a few podcasts and videos for you to enjoy. Continue reading “Few fun reads for this weekend”