What to read this weekend?

The Facebook Hearings have kept me distracted, and I wasn’t doing much other than keeping up with the torrent of news and hot takes. Not much was said, not much was done. No surprise, as I have written in the past. It was a great exercise in “how to read between the lines.” However, I have finally caught up with my reading. Here are few stories that I think are worth reading.

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7 Stories to read over the Labor Day Weekend

It is unseasonably hot this weekend in San Francisco Bay Area. Climate Change? Seems like and that’s all anyone can talk about. For me it is a 65 degree variation from a couple of days ago when I was in Alaska walking across a glacier. I am beating the heat by  reading, writing  and of course editing my photos. For you, I have 7 stories to read, though one of them is a bit self-serving!

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