What to read this weekend?

The Facebook Hearings have kept me distracted, and I wasn’t doing much other than keeping up with the torrent of news and hot takes. Not much was said, not much was done. No surprise, as I have written in the past. It was a great exercise in “how to read between the lines.” However, I have finally caught up with my reading. Here are few stories that I think are worth reading.

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7 Stories to read over the Labor Day Weekend

It is unseasonably hot this weekend in San Francisco Bay Area. Climate Change? Seems like and that’s all anyone can talk about. For me it is a 65 degree variation from a couple of days ago when I was in Alaska walking across a glacier. I am beating the heat by  reading, writing  and of course editing my photos. For you, I have 7 stories to read, though one of them is a bit self-serving!

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Few fun reads for this weekend

It is cold, rainy and grey here. Perfect day for me to totally binge on The Fall Season 3. I mean who can resist that show! Unfortunately, I need to plan, pack and do some last minute shopping for a trip. We all live in stress inducing, mind-numbing, politically charged times and need some relief from the mundane. So, instead of sending you some heavy stuff, I wanted to share some fun reads and a few podcasts and videos for you to enjoy. (more…)

7 Stories to read this weekend (05.08.2016)

I didn’t have much time to read during the week and ended up staying home yesterday and finishing the list of saved articles in my Pocket account. Here are seven that are worth reading:

  • CRISPR’s Quiet Revolutionary: A great profile of Emmanuelle Charpentier, a co-discoverer of CRISPR, one of the most important scientific breakthroughs of our time. [Nature]
  • World’s most expensive medicine is a bust: Here is why. [MIT Technology Review]
  • America’s Oxycontin Epidemic: Probably, one of the best series’ you are going to read on this topic. Kudos to the reporters who worked on this story. [Los Angeles Times]
  • What was wrong with the much talked about piece on epigenetics in The New Yorker magazine? [Jerry Coyne]
  • Above the law: A sherif with militia ties brings chaos to a West Texas community. [Texas Observer]
  • The Debt Collection Lawsuit Machine: An investigation into how debt collectors use the courts, legal system and victimize those who don’t have the resources to fight back. [ProPublica]
  • The world’s most ambitious “smart city” project: It is in New York City — the Hudson Yards, the largest private real-estate development in United States will also be the most quantified and monitored. [Places Journal]

Here are a few pieces I wrote last week:

I am traveling next weekend and will be away for a few days with minimal access to the Internet. There will be no newsletter for the next two weekends.