Rebooting ‘7 Stories to read this weekend’ Newsletter

It is two years to the date when I left the company I started, mostly to scratch my itch to write everyday about things I loved about technology, sometimes boring, sometimes arcane, but mostly important to me. And two years ago, I also stopped writing my weekly email newsletter — 7 Stories to read this weekend — that collected some of the (non-tech) stories that I found interesting. It was about exposing the technology-centric audience to alternative narratives.

In the time that has passed, I have lost control of the email list, which I had painstakingly built over the years. That loss made me realize how much I enjoyed the process of reading, contemplating and curating the newsletter.

Yesterday, I had breakfast with Jason Hirschhorn, who edits popular email newsletter, MediaRedef, and he encouraged me to pick up where I left off. So did my pals, Hiten Shah and Arjun Sethi. It was exactly the right last bit of push I needed, to restart that newsletter.

I don’t want to do the exact same thing I was doing earlier — so instead of curating purely non-technology narrative journalism, I am rebooting it as “a weekly newsletter that explores the confluence of technology, business, art, science & society.”

I will also share links to some of my writing, whether on my own blog or elsewhere. I hope you can join me in this new beginning, by signing up to recieve my weekly email newsletter: