Yesterday’s Terabyte

Less than a fortnight ago, the proverbial airwaves and media web were falling all over themselves, chastising Facebook and its data addiction, which allowed the company to amass data on over two billion people. The insidious impact of the data and Facebook was all the object of moral outrage.

Fast forward to this week, all that has been conveniently forgotten – replaced by happy, shiny headlines from Facebook’s annual festival of self-aggrandization, F8. Add to that an earnings report that sent Wall Street into raptures and pushed the stock higher, not too far from its all-time high of about $194 a share. Morality and ethics have no place in this perpetual profit machine. Continue reading “Yesterday’s Terabyte”

“Shot with iPhone” Posters Improves Urban Environment

“Truly effective poster advertising like this improves the urban environment and brightens the viewer’s day by its presence,” writes Paul Belford, praising the campaign that is now ubiquitous across the world. The article was published over a year ago, but I think it still is very valid. FWIW, I dream of being featured in this campaign!