How I survived an Arctic Vacation

I recently took a trip to the Arctic North, traveling pretty deep into the Arctic Circle and was about 600 miles from the North Pole. It was frigid cold and windy, making it hard to make photos. My Leica SL performed like a champion but in order for me to use it well, I need to dress warm and keep the bone-piercing wind out and stay warm when deal with temperatures that dipped way below zero. Here is the kit I used.  Continue reading “How I survived an Arctic Vacation”

A summer in the Arctic

My recent trip to the Arctic North, prompted folks from Aether Apparel, one of my favorite brands recently, to run a photo-essay on their online Journal. These photos were made with my Leica SL, Fuji x100F and my iPhone 7+. They also asked me why I went to the icy wilderness. Thank you Aether, for also sharing a 15 percent discount code – FriendsofOm.

Aether Apparel BackPack & (small) Bags: A-Awesome!

aether  apparel backpack
I have been a big fan of Los Angeles-based outdoor clothing company, Aether Apparel. I have owned many of their jackets over past few years. They are ideal weight for the somewhat quirky Northern California weather. And since I end up going to Scandinavia quite often, they also make really warm yet lightweight jackets. I have three of their jackets, and hey often come with me when traveling in winter. They are well made, well designed and have a logo-less and minimal aesthetic that I absolutely love. (more…)