Hi! In case you are new around here, I am Om. If you are new around here, here is something About Me and why you should read my newsletter. In this letter, I share what’s on my mind, my latest writings, articles worth reading from around the web, my recommendations & sometimes my photography. It’s mostly about technology … Continue reading A Letter from Om. Issue #02/2023

Surfing in Alaska!

Alaska is one of my favorite destinations, especially during fall and winter. When visiting the state back in 2018, I came across a usual sight — surfers paddling into the middle of the the Turnagian Arm. I normally associate surfing with warmer destinations such as Hawaii, Southern California, Australia’s Gold Coast and Portugal. So to … Continue reading Surfing in Alaska!

When visiting Alaska back in 2018, I took a helicopter flight over a glacier. I took a lot of photographs from the air, but never really got around to editing them. I am usually plodding and lazy about editing my photos. This past weekend, however, I got a burst of energy and inspiration, that allowed … Continue reading Glacier’s Edge

Chris Michel, a good friend, and a photography mentor, recently told me that he is editing photos if he is not doing anything. He is always looking to make sure his library is not clogged with unfinished files. Given the daily frequency with which he captures photos, it makes perfect sense. I should listen to … Continue reading Alaska on my mind

For about $300,000 you can buy an abandoned Igloo Hotel in Alaska. Add another couple of million and you can have electricity. And then let the influencers roll into this curiosity which was made in the 1970s, never opened and can be seen from planes flying at 30,000 feet. via Continue reading Psst… wanna buy an igloo hotel?