How Alexander Wang made it

Fashion designer Alexander Wang is one of the most creative people in America. He recently parted ways with French fashion brand Balenciaga to focus entirely on his own company, which is predicted to be the next Michael Kors Inc. A great startup story full of hustle, innovative thinking and universal lesson. Totally worth a read! [Dazed Digital]

What I am reading today

Vine Tribes: How the drama kids are winning the mobile video wars. [Julie Anderson] A US manufacturing comeback won’t build the middle class. [Nin-Hai Tseng] An open letter to Mark Zuckerberg: Is Facebook a human right? [Jen Schardie] Perpetual war and its cost. [Digby] Live Q&A with artist (and Facebook millionaire) David Choe. [Nitasha Tiku] … Continue reading What I am reading today