I quite like this idea of a digital reset that is well articulated and promoted by Anil Dash, a blogger who has been a must-read for me for two decades. I think it is a much better idea than having New Year’s resolutions. That said, it is a much harder mental hurdle to overcome, and perhaps that is why it is so useful. It is definitely worth a read.

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Set Adrift: Goodbye of P.M. Dawn

…at the dawn of the 90s, P.M. Dawn enjoyed a brief moment where they captured a truly new sound and the attention of the world and it seemed they would be able to ride that wave of success almost indefinitely.

Diabetes has claimed another life. One of the pioneers of hip-hop, Prince Be, one half of 1990s group, P.M. Dawn passed away last week after diabetes led to renal failure. Anil Dash, a technologist who is known for his sharp essays on technology culture, has penned an heartbreakingly beautiful homage to one of the forgotten talents of the genre. It should be on your must read list, and for the record Anil missed his true calling — a rock/music critic of infinite understanding for music.