Classics Are Forever

Yesterday, after nearly ten years I went out and bought a new Barbour jacket — a classic waxed cotton Bedale model. I have had one since 1993. I had bought it in a thrift shop, back in the day when life was simpler because all my decisions were made for me — by lack of … Continue reading Classics Are Forever

Rendered Useless

Just when I was having fun in New York I have been rendered useless. I have thrown my back out and as a result, stuck in my hotel room resting. I am going to make an effort to visit the Apple Cathedral aka the Cube near the Central Park before heading home! Continue reading Rendered Useless

Software Patent Fights Bore Me

You might have read about the big patent lawsuit between Apple and HTC (and by extension Google’s Android). It is the latest lawsuit in a long and growing list of mobile-inspired lawsuits, making regular folk wonder if this was the new normal for the valley. My favorite technology essayist/thinker John Gruber laments the pointlessness of … Continue reading Software Patent Fights Bore Me